Dust in Evolution – 3 panels

Dust in Evolution – 3 panels

Wood, paint, zip-lock bags

250 x 600 cm


In Dust in Evolution, silhouettes of people selected from news photographs are carved out from the painted wall. Below each floating figure, the cut-off scraps are carefully collected and stored in a small plastic bag. Each figure becomes a visual narrative on its own with its own story, a story left up to the viewer to discern. Whether the depicted person is present or absent, the social traces left by that person remain in the world and continue to exist as another state of being.


I wish to perform this piece in a site of historical architecture, such as a church or an old factory. I will choose images from news photos that relate to the history of that building. The history is revealed through the peeled layers of the wall. Each figure on the wall becomes his/her own narrator of the building.