Newspaper, scotch tape

Size varies


I collected multiple copies of a newspaper, selected one face, peeled off the photographs with scotch tape, and taped them together like frames in a filmstrip. This idea derives from my understanding that contemporary society has a quality very similar to that of fast food culture. To the audience, every event happens instantaneously then disappears in the blink of an eye. We are spun around and dazzled in this fast-paced world of news, and yet, this is the world today.


While making this filmstrip, I tried to not favor anyone while selecting the faces because I wanted to protect the truth and fairness of the piece, in order to present every aspect of society. An interesting thing occurred to me as I finished each roll of film: as each face is framed and repeated many times, the social context of that person given by the newspaper (background and identity) disappears into the masses. When viewers look at these faces again, they appear in a new way, transformed onto a new stage.