Here and There

Here and There

Thread, silkscreen, stainless steel, C-print

dimension variable


This work is constructed of a wall and embroidered columns, which grow out of the wall’s surface. An image on the wall, threaded with silk, extends outward and forms a column with the same image. The silk threads connect corresponding points on both images. In this design, a flat surface is stretched into a three-dimensional sculpture as the threads traverse the empty space. The space acts on a body and enables the body’s metamorphosis. The idea is from a Chinese philosophical concept, “the body is to hold; its space is to use”. Because of the abstract potential of empty space, we are able to infinitely experience.


As an international artist, I experience the feeling of moving from “here” to “there”. I am a participant of Eastern culture and an observer of Western culture, but I become a participant again in a new culture where East and West merge and become something new. Inevitably, I start to contemplate the culture and system that stems from these two places. I bring them together to observe, compare and comprehend.


This work also experiences moving from “here” to “there”. The image “here” merges with the image “there” through the empty space. This process starts from “here”, the origin, traverses space – becoming abstract – and finally forms an image that replicates the original. The image formed through this mergence, however, is not a reflection of the origin. The original image changes and undergoes a metamorphosis through its movement in space and becomes a new and real image. It is experiencing impermanence.