Dust in Evolution —— Ruxi Village Old House Transformation Project

Dust in Evolution —— Ruxi Village Old House Transformation Project

Art Field Hanhai Guangdong


Dust in Evolution - Ruxi Village

Year: 2022

Location: Ruxi Village, Art Field Nanhai Guangdong 2022

The artist has a resident creation in an old abandoned house in Ruxi Village, presenting his well-known series of works "Dust in Evolution". The artist has collected images about the villages in this traditional village in Nanhai. Most of these images come from historical documents, news photos, or the life and environment when the artist stayed in the village. Presented in its signature chiseled way on the interior walls of this old house. Chippings and scraps when carving the walls are collected in small transparent bags underneath each image. The images on the wall and the scraps in the small bag become a complete visual statement.

Residents in the village can see familiar figures similar to themselves or their ancestors in the images on the wall. These portrait silhouettes from real life and real history are abstract but familiar to the villagers. Therefore, in this artistic transformation and creation, the abandoned room has become an art gallery showing the local humanities and history, telling the stories belonging to Nanhai by itself.