The Shore We Can Reach -- Setouchi Triennale

The Shore We Can Reach -- Setouchi Triennale

Location: Kusakabe Port, Shodoshima



The Shore We Can Reach -- Setouchi Triennale 2022

Kusakabe Port, Shodoshima


Exhibition Period: Summer Session 08.05——09.04 / Autumn Session 09.29——11.06

The artwork is a 25m (L)/9.15m(W)/10.5m(H) large-scale wooden architecture floating on Seto Inland Sea. Discarded wooden cabinets, windows and doors of antique furniture and architecture which Xiang Yang collected in China comprise the core structure of the installation. The parts are held together by tenon and mortise joints, which are seen frequently in traditional Chinese architecture. They encapsulate both the artist’s past memories from China, as well his feelings of culture fragmentation and dislocation in the contemporary society. On the other hand, the outside arched structure symbolizes an upside-down hull structure of a ship, reflecting a non-culture-specific, international style of architecture, which artist hopes is relatable to audiences all over the world. As a gestalt, the wood construction represents Xiang’s desire to break down the barriers between everyone, and to wish for a more unified and interconnected world.


Installed on a 36m-long barge, “The Shore We Can Reach” aims to travel between and to visit the islands of Seto Inland Sea, thus to create an art route connecting these islands. It also can be seen as a temporary island which forms a strong affinity with the art islands in the region. It “appears” during Setouchi Triennale and “sails away” after the Triennale. Xiang Yang hopes this project could be a cultural platform that connects humanity and the great nature, and can be enjoyed by local residents and visitors.

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