Porcelain Series

Porcelain Series

ancient porcelain wastes

size variable


For the past year and half, I settled temporarily in Jingdezhen, the 1000-year-old heartland of porcelain manufacturing in China. There I created a new series of art work using the porcelain waste found in Jingdezhen. This waste product of the ancient kilns, caused by over-heating, incorrect procedures and mistakes, had melted into distorted shapes. Covered with bricks, rocks and cinders, the pieces had been abandoned and left underground for ages. I collected this waste product, carefully cleaned it, and turned them, piece by piece, into a new form of art. I took charge of turning these failed works into something new. Each porcelain object took days, even months, to finish. When I look at the finished pieces, it feels I have commissioned them from dynasties past, and they have been handed to me hundreds of years later.